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operating as one of the leading suppliers of high performance Bluetooth speakers in the U.S and Mexico for over 15 years. 

We are an international trade company of a strategically positioned network of experts in their field, currently supplying Alien Pro Audio one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

The company

is characterized by a straightforward and practical
business style with an emphasis on integrity, commitment, quality and service. 


We recently opened a U.S. sales, marketing and warehousing division with corporate headquarters in San Diego. 

Founded in Mexico in 2004 as a part of Song Lite, importing lighting and laser equipment. Our company quickly grew from a modest 5 man operation into a 20 person business by 2008. Separating itself from Song Lite, the company started operating as Alien Pro Audio in March of 2009. Growing yearly at an exponential rate, our current company workforce provides jobs to over 120 highly specialized workers. Each one of them aiming to set us apart from the rest of the competition.

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